November 2021 Update: Data-Completeness Console, Enhanced Charts, Cap Table Upload, Portfolio Holdings & Funding Features and API

Nov 15, 2021 | Feature Update, Investor, Startup

We are excited to share our product updates with you. Based on your feedback we have got more powerful holdings and funding features, enhanced charts, and more upgrades that are ready for investors to use.

Here’s what we have done.

More Powerful Holdings and Funding Features

During the last year, we kept enhancing our holdings and funding features. Now you can keep track of your investment performance over time and download a holdings file for your limited partners and/or auditors.

Also, here are some other new features available to you:

  • Copy company cap table data into investor side and add your own transactions like exits
  • Validate internal consistency of data
  • Automatically recalculate percentage ownership and value of holdings for new rounds and valuation events
  • Enter cashflows in fund currency (in addition to company currency), to get accurate performance metrics
  • Define security types (convertibles, share classes) also on the investor side
  • Calculate IRR (Beta on Request)

Enhanced Charts

With our new dynamic KPI charts it is easier than ever to track portfolio performance over time, accumulating data by month, quarter or year, selecting and comparing more than one KPI at the same time. In addition, you can now view data converted to your preferred currency.

As always, charts can be conveniently exported into various formats – png, pdf, jpeg, and more – for easy sharing!

Data-Completeness Console

Data completeness is crucial in data-driven investment, and is now in beta. With our data-completeness console you can see the status of data reported by your portfolio companies, and send them customized reminders, all from one place.

If you want to try experimental features before they’re released, please feel free to contact us.


Consume Investory data in your preferred analytics tool and reporting format, or make it available in your website using our REST API. Simple as that! If you do not have in-house API skills, we are happy to build the integration for you. Learn more.

Cap Table Upload Available for Startups

With the cap table upload function, you can now populate your full cap table with multiple rounds using an excel import file. Simply download our template, fill in your information and upload it back to the platform.

 helps startups tell their story to investors, basing narratives on data.

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