How We Onboard New Customers At Investory

Oct 17, 2022 | Blog, Investor, Startup

The customer onboarding process is probably the most important stage of our customer lifecycle. While it comes right at the start of their journey, we understand that it sets the tone for their whole relationship with the product and us as a company.

Our Customer Success Team at has prepared a three-step onboarding program for a successful start for investors using VC Pro, Angel Pro or Enterprise Plans.

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Step 1 – Kick Off Meeting With a Nominated Key Contact

In this meeting, our Customer Success Manager meets with a client to set an onboarding plan and agree on its expectations, timeline and execution steps. This includes:


  • Portfolio contact list preparation
  • Sample report and reporting requirements (KPIs) discussion with CS team
  • Reporting format and due date discussion with CS team, and
  • Account setup and configuration

Step 2 – Portfolio Company Onboarding

After the kick-off meeting our Customer Success Manager assigned to your account will schedule onboarding meetings (1:1 or group sessions) with portfolio companies that require assistance. During this stage the Customer Success team will have the opportunity to help key account users with their questions and help with data import, investor update creation and address any other questions that users may have during the session.

In addition to this, every startup user gets a product tour upon sign-up. Each step in our product tour moves users further down the path to activation, helps get accustomed to the product, the UI, and ensures long-term engagement.

Read more about startup features here.

Step 3 – Follow-up Meeting

After the first reporting cycle or at clients request, the Customer Success Team will schedule a follow-up meeting with the key contact(s) from a VC Fund, accelerator etc. to go over the first reporting results and agree on the next steps. 

In Conclusion

Moving your company from one software solution to the next can be a challenge.

To understand Investory and to get your whole team onboard using it, professional onboarding is required. It will define where you are and where you want to go. By using a combination of software, communication, training, inside tips, etc. to ensure you are never stuck on the path to achieving your business success.

We are here to help our customers facilitate changes and adapt to the new portfolio monitoring ways. If you want to learn more about our onboarding process and/or user support please contact us at

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