October 2022 Update: KPI Library

Oct 5, 2022 | Feature Update, Investor, Startup

We are excited to share our product updates with you. Based on your feedback we have added new features to Investory to make things easier for you.

Here’s what we have done.

Investor-Managed Portfolio Companies

Anyone with a Pro Investor Account can now prepare its portfolio companies’ accounts before transferring them to the startup teams. Users can easily create a company account, upload all necessary information and historical data, and then choose between managing it internally or transferring ownership to the startup team.

Investors now have access to the full startup interface with the Excel and Google Drive metric integrations for a fast and hassle-free import. Your metrics spreadsheets are safely and simply integrated into our platform. Read more.

KPI Library

We have added the KPI Library to our suite of tools, but what is it?

It is a repository of the most used KPIs in the industry, to help you set up your first dashboard aligned to the metrics that you should be reporting on. Our KPI library will help investors and their portfolio companies define each of the metrics, and make sure the right KPIs are reported in the right way. With a consistent and thorough KPI operational definition within the platform you will be able to compare performance across other companies. From this release, the library is available in the company accounts and in the new investor-managed company accounts. 

We plan to keep expanding it over time. You can still add your own “Custom KPIs” with total flexibility, if you wish to measure a specific metric.

Benchmarking Coming Soon 🥳

The KPI library is the base for our upcoming Benchmarking tool. It will help you measure the performance of your portfolio companies against their peers. Watch this space.

What’s New In The Interface?

We have also refreshed the startup interface to make it easier to navigate, switch between the tabs and upload data.

– New Navigation bar for you to switch between different tabs easily
– Different colour scheme and resizing of icons and buttons for better view
– Redesigned Investor Update section to ensure your updates are concise and clear
– You can change Frequencies and Units for your KPIs on the KPI-overview page now
KPI Mapping – You can link your KPI with another one from the KPI Library for accumulative calculations
– There is a new option to view your current month/quarter/annual data



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