We spoke to Cody Schueler, Co-founder/Co-owner and CEO of Flying Squirrel, about how they are utilising investory.io to meet their investor reporting needs.

Their Story

Flying Squirrel Sports, the World’s Largest Indoor Trampoline parks, currently with several locations in Canada, the United States and numerous in development in Latin America, joined investory.io in February 2019.

With multiple locations and shareholders, co-founder/co-owner and CEO of Flying Squirrel Sports, Cody Schueler, needed a solution that would allow him to monitor and track the performance of each of the locations as well as regularly update each set of investors.

Currently, Flying Squirrel Sports has 10 company accounts, one for each of their locations, and 44 individual investors on investory.io, all managed with a centralized login by Cody and his team.

Investory.io Pro account has allowed Flying Squirrel Sports to create an account for each business location to run independently while centralizing the management of these accounts with one key login.

We asked Cody how he is finding his experience with investory.io and here is what he had to say…

“I absolutely love the fact that I can log in and see what investors have received and opened our monthly financials and updates.

Investory.io implemented my requests extremely fast eliminating logging in to each and every individual account, where I can now control all companies through one login.

This software is designed extremely well making it very easy for our team to train others on updating information all while creating a simple easy to use the intuitive environment to create quick updates to our shareholders.

I highly recommend investory.io for all start-ups. If you’re on a budget they offer a free version in addition to the pro version.”

  • Cody Schueler, Co-founder/Co-owner and CEO of Flying Squirrel Sports

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