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Mar 26, 2020 | Investor, Startup

We at want to help startups during this difficult and challenging period resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have teamed up with investors on our platform to launch our Startup Fundraising Program.

Currently, most VCs are working from home and are spending time on the phone and email with founders, worried about the health of portfolio companies and the performance of their fund. In the short term, it is also expected that the closing of deals gets delayed due to the impediments for on-site due diligence. While many VC funds continue to execute deals through the downturn, the second and third quarters may unfold completely different scenarios. Investors will still be investing, but maybe in a slower rhythm, streamlining their deal flow and more selective at adding new companies.

Startups will definitely have to meet higher standards on quality and runway, considering uncertain follow-ons for the next 12 or 24 months. Investors will not necessarily operate different due diligence strategies facing the uncertainty, but may ask startups different questions and demand transparent reporting.

It will be critically important for founders to be prepared to respond to investors concerned with assessing business sustainability. How the company plans to stay on target and acquire new customers when supply chains may get disrupted during the recession. Or how the company plans to execute customer acquisition and team growth when markets stabilize. Past performance and quantitative data will play a more prominent role, to justify and track their forecasts.

Our Startup Fundraising Program will connect startups with investors, facilitating that the new standards are met. Investors will support startups with investments from USD 10k to USD 100k or more within the next 6 to 9 months*. We will also engage with new investors to join the Program. By signing up for free in our platform and letting us know they are interested in the Program, investors will be able to benefit from quantitative up-to-date data to sift through the opportunities.

Startups that are fundraising can participate in our program to gain exclusive access to investors. The team of can support startups setting up a profile and managing core KPIs, updates and captable. We will help founders collect the information required by investors in preparation for qualification and due diligence. Startups with existing accounts on just need to add the Investory profile in the connections area.

Our objective is matching the investment focus and thesis of investors on our platform to increase the chances of funding for startups.

Founders can apply in ongoing process, by creating a company profile with a pitch deck and updating core KPIs.


* Funding is not guaranteed and depends on the final decision of the investors. helps startups tell their story to investors, basing narratives on data.

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