Creating Updates

Learn how to generate updates to report your month or quarterly data to all of your actual and future investors.

Create automated updates

These periodic updates are key to establish and maintain healthy and transparent relationship with investors. 

Creating updates with your data is one of the most important steps to making full use of your account.

This feature allows founders preparing monthly updates to make data easily shareable with investors. 

From the dashboard, go to Updates → New Update.

Customize your update

Select one of the available update templates or create your own customized template. 

Then follow the simple steps below:  

1. Select the recipients 

Find the your existing connections with investors and team members within the platform, and add external recipients email addresses. 

2. Choose the KPIs 

The selected KPIs will be automatically populated in the text body of the update, we will make sure that you have them up-to-date. 

3. Define the message 

Write the content about your company and team news by adding text boxes, charts comparing KPIs, and images to enrich your update. 

4. Save draft or publish

Before confirming your update details, you can review and edit the information, save a draft, and publish the update, automatically sending to all recipients selected. 

Manage All Updates

After publishing and submitting your update, you can track delivery and engagement of the investors, and receive their comments on the update

From the dashboard, go to Updates → All Updates.