Net Cash Burn


The net cash burn is the amount of money by which cash is decreasing in a reporting period.


-Measures how quickly your business is spending money     (net-negative cash flow)
-Includes any revenue that is generated by the company
-Can fluctuate from period to period depending on business   model
-Should always be a positive (absolute) value


A company has started a month with 2000 € in the bank but at the end of the month has only 1000 € left. The burn rate for this month is 1000 €.

Negations / Exclusions

– Unusual positive cash flow such as an investment

Net Burn, Net Burn Rate, Cash Burn Rate

(Euro / Dollar / YEN …)


Cash On Hand at beginning of period – (minus) Cash On Hand at the end of period

Cost Total

Cost Labour

Net Cash Burn

Cash on Hand


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