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A platform dedicated to investors working closely with their portfolio.
Portfolio Management
The bigger your portfolio gets, the harder it is to manage it. On the platform you have your individual portfolio overview. It enables you to know how your portfolio is performing and who the responsible contact person is. So you never loose track of your investments.


With you always know how many shares you have in your investments and what they are currently worth. This allows a detailed reporting over your complete portfolio within seconds.

Regular Updates

We know how hard it is to keep in touch with all portfolio companies. To make things easy we built, a place where you connect with your founders and receive regular updates on the latest business development. Powered with metrics, documents and comments, this becomes the most powerful tool for improved mentoring.


Key metrics indicate how healthy your investment is and how it develops over time. With you can check KPIs of all your portfolio companies at anytime and anyplace.

What investors say.

"With investory I can follow all my investments in a time-saving way and support them as a strategic and valuable Investor."

Michael Breidenbrücker

" makes perfect sense for startups with several shareholders. The platform is made for structured, centralized and data-driven communication among them. We highly recommend it to all of our startups and Co-Investors."

Michael Eisler

"Especially early stage startups need high-quality mentoring and support. Through we can immediatly dive into the startup's current challenges and advice founders at our best."

Philipp Stangl
Pioneers Ventures

"One of the most important to-dos of a CEO is to communicate with shareholders. is perfect for my investments to do this data-driven and regular."

Christoph Böckle
Affinity Ventures

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