Investor Relations for the 21st century

Whatever you want to achieve, helps you bring your investors on the same page, so you can focus on getting things done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does cost?
We believe that you always should be able to test out a software before you buy. If you like our product and want to use it with your team, you can decide to upgrade. Currently however, is completely free to use, as we are still working on the basic functionality.
How does help build better investor relations?

With you don’t just update your investors once a month, you invite them to collaborate with you. They will have access to your latest updates as well as your KPIs. This means they don’t just get a snapshot once in a while, but can actually see your progress over time and know what is going on. This leads to a stronger relationship, which in turn leads to a greater chance of a follow-on investment.

What are investor updates?
A investor update is a simple blog like) report that describes how your startup is doing. Updates are usually sent monthly and contain the latest key performance indicators (KPIs), what you are planning to do next, what you have achieved in the past month and any problems you faceing currently. It usually takes about 15-60 minutes each month to write an update. These updates don’t need to be super detailed, at the very least they show that you are working hard and if done great, they keep your team on the same page and let investors jump in and help when you need it.
Can I share these with stakeholders not registered on the platform?

You are in full control of your account. This means you can share updates with registered and non-registered investors, colleagues or whoever you want. One possiblity to do so is a 14-day valid external link. Many startups share this link to keep potential investors in the loop.

Can I invite funds or groups of investors?

Funds or groups of investors can be invited only through their individual members. Funds or groups of investors can decide to upgrade their accounts to manage multiple startups, however they need to setup this account and invite you.

Can I integrate my data sources to automatically update KPIs?
Yes, you can import KPI data automatically from google sheets. More data sources will be integrated later, however we are not aiming to integrate many data sources, as we are not a real-time dashboard software but focus on long term planning and reporting functionality.

Any more questions?

Feel free to drop us a line anytime.