Growth Benchmark

Month on Month Revenue Growth

With this benchmark you can compare your monthly revenue growth to that of your peers. At investory it is our highest priority to offer you insights that are reliable, meaningful and secure:
At we rely on data from those who know it best – the startups that generate it. For our benchmarks we analyse aggregate data from our base of more than 600 companies.
We provide you with up-to-date insights with revenue data from May and June 2018. In order to create meaningful results, we cluster you based on your founding year. That way you can compare your growth to your peers that are at a similar stage.
We want you to know that all analyses are performed with anonymous data and state of the art encryption. We ourselves do not have access to any of your personalized data nor to the benchmarks that we send you. Your data protection is key to us!

How it works

We analyse aggregate data from all companies on in R. In this case we look into the average startup’s monthly revenue growth rate. First, we cluster the startups by founding date and then look at the distributions of the respective groups. Under circumstances we exclude outliers. For each group we calculate the median growth. This means that 50% of companies experienced higher growth and 50% lower growth than the median. We chose the median over the mean because growth rates can vary widely from month to month and from company to company and the median is a more robust measure when it comes to outliers.

How to get the benchmark

To participate and receive this benchmark you simply have to log into your account and enter your May and June Revenue before July 16th. You will then automatically receive an e-mail with your customised benchmark.

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