Frequently Asked Questions


Can I remove the Standard/Core KPIs?

Predefined KPIs cannot be deleted by you or your teammate and have a fixed definition. Predefined KPIs are:

 – Revenue
– Cost Labour
– Cost Total
– Net Cash Burn
– Cash on Hand
– Runway
– Headcount

If you want to learn more about our predefined KPIs, just click on (?) icon.

Why are they so important for your investors?

The predefined KPIs are all the same for every startup on the platform. Your investor can see the current month’s values on his dashboard. It allows him to see any urgent irregularities immediately:

Since many investors regularly check the KPIs of their portfolio companies, it is highly recommended to keep the numbers up to date. If there are any irregularities you don’t have to worry, as you can explain these in your monthly update.

Can I configure the Dashboard to show metrics important for my business?

The dashboard contains seven widgets displaying your latest KPIs. By default, these widgets will display the Core/Standard KPIs. 

You can change this to show your custom KPIs, if available, by clicking on the tools icon in each widget.

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I want to combine different KPIs in one view?

You can customize your charts further in your Updates. This is a great way to tell your story with your data.

To do this, in your update click on “Add” and select the chart icon

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In the table, you can select which KPIs you wish to display, how you wish to visualize each KPI, whether you want to display the actual or planned values or both, name your chart and customize the date range.

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This is a great option for charting full-year results, showing month on month comparison or simply a current month snapshot.

My charts are set to Monthly time series, I want to set my reporting to Quarterly

You cannot change the reporting interval of the Core/Standard KPIs, these are preset to monthly.

But you can change the reporting interval for any Custom KPIs you add. You can set your charts to:

– Days, Weeks, Months or Quarters

Simply click on “Add custom KPI” and select your reporting preference

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You can also add your Custom KPIs to your Excel Import with adjusted time periods as columns (see data import for more info)


I invited an investor but they have not accepted, can I still send them an Update?

Yes, pending investors will appear in your recipient list and, if selected, will receive your published update as an email.

Investors do not need to sign up to to receive your updates via email. If they wish to see additional company information such as KPI data, given permission, they will need to create an investor account with investory.

How frequently should I be publishing Updates?

Think of monthly updates as informal letters that you write every month to your investors (or more generally your stakeholders). Stakeholders that are involved with a company, want to know about your upcoming plans, progress made so far and any challenges that you are having. While bigger companies often have to do regular formal reporting, there are no set rules for smaller/younger companies. Our experience shows, however, that a monthly update routine is best practice. 

To start a monthly update, simply go to the Update page and click on the “New Update Button”. In the popup/modal that appears, the monthly update should be immediately visible.

What is the difference between a monthly and a custom update?

The main difference is that a monthly update is recurring each month on a fixed schedule. Custom updates can be sent anytime and are not automatically generated.

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Where does the monthly update come from?

After you first register, we already setup a standard update template for you to use! Based on this template we automagically create a monthly update for you. If you change the content of a monthly update once, it will be copied to a new update next month, so you can quickly get going and then continue each month with your own monthly update template.

When is a monthly update created and until when can I write the update?

For the monthly updates, there is a fixed schedule which makes the update available on the 27th of every month. You can still access and publish old monthly updates; however, they will not be shown in the new update popup anymore.

On the 15th of every month, a monthly update becomes “overdue”. That means you didn’t manage to write an update in time and should try to do that until the end of the month. There is no real consequence if you miss an update, however, your stakeholders will see that you missed an update and might inquire why you haven’t updated them yet.

Who can see my Updates?

Team members can see all updates – published and drafts. Team members can also edit updates, with the ability for multiple people to work on an update concurrently. 

Investors, if have an investory account and are connected with the company, will only be able to see the published updates that they were a recipient of. Meaning, even when all access is given, investors will not be able to see past updates, internal updates or any communication that they were not a recipient of. 

How can I add recipients to a published update?

Currently, you cannot add recipients to an already published update. If you wish to share a published update with another recipient, you will need to create a copy or a “clone” of the update and publish it again. 

I made a mistake. Can I delete a published Update?

No, once published, an update cannot be deleted or edited. 

Think of an update as an email, once sent it cannot be altered. If you have made an error or wish to publish your update to additional individuals, you will need to make a “Clone” or copy of the update. 


How do I set up my Captable?

Sharing your captable is probably one of’s most useful function. Why? Transparent communication of share distribution gives you as founder credibility and trustworthiness. The captable can be set up in “custom” or “auto” mode:

Custom Captable

With the custom captable you have full control to allocate shares to your investors. Simply add a new shareholder, type his name, the type of shares and the number of shares. No matter which investment round you want to modal, they are all independent of previous ones.

Leave the “Edit Mode” by clicking on the switch in the upper right of the captable and you will find a nice pie chart which is also visible on your dashboard.

Data Room

How do I use the Data Room?

From the dashboard, you can add files to the data room. Create different folders and organize your company files so it is easy to share the information with your team and investors.

If given access, your investors can view and download the files. It is a great tool for your due diligence needs!

You can also view the Data Room Stats (top right-hand corner of the data room window) to see how many times a file has been viewed or downloaded.

Security, Access Management and Privacy

How do I manage my team and investors?

Managing Team

After you signed in to your account, the option to manage team members can be found in the company dropdown. This page is used to manage team member invites and existing accounts. Team members are users who have full read/write access to your account. The only action a team member cannot perform is deleting other team members. This can only be done by the team admin (the user that created the account).

Managing Investor

You can manage your investors by going to “Investors” and clicking on “All Investors”. This page is used to manage invited and existing investors. Investors listed here only have access to resources that you shared with them. You may either just send them updates and deny any other access to your data or give access to all pages.


Managing Investor Access

You can manage the access separately for different pages including your Dashboard, Update page and more! Switching access off means that the corresponding page will not be accessible by the investor.

Access for investor accounts is always read-only. For example, if you give an investor access to the “Updates Page”, he will not be able to create & send updates, only read them. In addition, there are special rules set up for each page, as investors can only access published updates (not drafts or templates). If you need more information on what investors exactly see, feel free to contact us!

NOTE: If you deny access to KPIs, Data Room or Captable, some of the information on the dashboard will also be hidden. You can also deny access to the dashboard, if you wish to fully hide all KPIs from an investor.

Outstanding Invitations

If you invited an investor or an investor sent you an invitation, they are shown in the “All Investors” screen as “Invited X minutes/hours ago” or “(Awaiting approval)”. In the first case, you have the option to revoke the invitation or resend the invite (in case it got lost). In the second case, you need to decide whether you are going to accept or deny the invite. If you hover over an investors name, you see the email that the investor has used to register his own account.

Investor Types

There are two types of investors (Angel and Fund). The main difference in terms of managing them is whether multiple users (with multiple accounts) are grouped together in a fund account. Any changes for a fund account will also affect all users associated with the fund account. An Angel investor is always a single user, with one associated account.

How secure is my data?

We at investory are serious about security. We respect your privacy and invest significant resources to protect your data.

Keeping your data safe is critical to everything we do. Therefore, we are committed to preventing all unauthorized access while supporting the information sharing needs between investors and companies.

Team & Responsibility

Our management, development and infrastructure teams include people who have had leading roles in building, maintaining and auditing highly secure web applications.

While having people that know what they are doing is great, when something goes wrong, the management team of investory takes responsibility for making sure that your data is safe.

Access & Authentication

  • Access to investory is only allowed over https/ssl
  • The investory team does not have access to the user’s financial data
  • Every privileged access must be approved and is only granted to named individuals
  • Login credentials are always transmitted, stored and processed in a secure manner

Data Storage & Transfer

  • All financial data is stored in the EU
  • All user data is encrypted with state-of-the-art algorithms during transfer and at rest
  • All data of our users is stored in a centralized and hardened database with strict controls to ensure privacy and prevent unauthorized access between users. These controls are automatically tested every time our platform is updated


  • Investory is run entirely in the cloud (Amazon Web Services), however, all systems are always located in the EU
  • All our servers are in our own virtual private cloud, which is hardened to prevent unauthorized access
  • Data is regularly backed up and stored in an encrypted format

Secure Development

  • To roll out changes we use an automated deployment process that can safely and repeatedly change the platform in minutes
  • Manual and automated code reviews are done regularly
  • In case of errors or security incidents, we have automated monitoring solutions in place, which inform of us of any anomalous behaviour

Audits & Compliance

  • We regularly assess our security through automated assessment applications
  • We comply with all applicable privacy laws (see also our privacy policy) and only work with partners that are subject to the same standards
  • PCI compliance is not required, because all payment processing is outsourced


How do I change the currency?

To change the currency, go to “Company Setting” and click on the tools icon in the top right-hand corner.

We have over 20 currencies available and, if your currency is not on our list, we can add it!

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How do I change the Number Format?

You can change your number format in your personal settings. 
Step 1: Click on your personal icon and go to “My Profile”. 

Step 2: Select your desired number format in the profile form. 

That was it! This format will be used for your account and your exports. Each user in your company or fund can select the format he or she prefers.

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