Why do the largest VC in Austria use investory to manage their portofolio?

At investory, SpeedInvest’s Founder & CEO Oliver Holle values the most the automated, unitary reporting across all portofolio’s start-ups.

Our portfolio and team has grown over time. High quality administration and data-driven startup reporting is key to stay ahead with all developments. Our startups and we ourselves profit from investory.io.

Oliver Holle

CEO, SpeedInvest

To be able to measure performance among them, a series of KPIs apply to all investments. On the other hand, to keep an eye on their unique characteristics, different KPIs for every start-up are used.

With investory.io we have finally one place to share KPIs, investors updates, captableand important documents. It really is a time-saver!

Daria Saharova

Partner, Vito One

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