We spoke with Jevgenij Polonis CEO & Co-Founder at GoRamp, an online freight order management platform designed to centralize real-time information exchange between actors in the logistics chain.

Below are a few takes on how he successfully manages investor relations using Investory:

How does our investor relations platform impact your business?

– It‘s much easier to inform both current and potential investors about business growth and challenges we are facing every month. At the end of the day we have better relationships especially with potential partners because it‘s easy for them to track our progress and dive deeper into our processes. We believe that investor relations platform will help us to raise another investment round easier as all the potential investors will see track record for 6 or more months and it will help them to decide whether it‘s reasonable business case for them to invest.

What is important to share in monthly investor updates?

– I believe that monthly investor updates are not only about saying positive things and showing the growth of new customers and MRR. Investors perfectly understand that especially early stage startups should test different things starting from approaching channels (inbound/outbound) till different pricing models. That’s why being honest with them could help to create better relationships between startup/investor. Moreover, investors could help startup to avoid mistakes in various situations as they already have experience with the same challenges with other later stage startups. Summarizing, 3 main topics which should be touched in monthly updates:

1. Success stories/ biggest achievement business, team, customers

2. Biggest challenges where startups still struggles

3. Needs from current/potential investors

What was your last investment stage/round? 

– We closed our 120K euro pre-seed round in January 2020 with Startup Wise Guys, Presto Ventures and Lithuanian business angel Gintautas Lukauskas

Are you currently fundraising? 

– Currently we are not fundraising. However, we will start fundraising in upcoming few months, most probably in the beginning of summer.

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